Music at

Archbold Elementary School


In our music classroom, the students at Archbold Elementary will actively listen to, appreciate, and explore music from a variety of musical composers and world cultures. Students will have the opportunity to perform multiple different genres of music as well as music from various historical musical periods. Students will further use their knowledge and understanding of music to discuss and compose music of their own!

Music provides all of us with a safe, comfortable environment in which emotions can be openly expressed, understood, and respected. In music class, our students will learn not only the fundamentals of reading, writing, and performing music, but also the value of empathy and the importance of communication while working together as an ensemble. Our students will develop skills that can be applied in real-life experiences, including leadership skills, cooperation and communication skills, perseverance, diligence, fine-motor skills (instrument playing), and aural skills.

As a music educator, my goal is to expose students to music across time and across the world, to guide students to discover the tools they possess for understanding and creating musical performances, and to inspire students to be lifelong musicians and appreciators of music.

“Music is one way for young people to connect with themselves, but it is also a bridge for connecting with others. Through music, we can introduce children to the richness and diversity of the human family and to the myriad rhythms of life.”

— Daniel A. Carp


Welcome to the Archbold Elementary Music Class Website!

Upcoming Events

AES Grade 2 Christmas Musical: Elflandia

Thursday, December 14

7pm @ AHS Auditorium

Sights & Sounds Band Concert

Thursday, November 2

7:30pm @ AHS

AHS Fall Play

November 5-6

2:30pm, 7:30pm @ AHS

Community events

Hymn Sing w/ JCS & Zion Mennonite Church

Sunday, November 12

7pm @ Zion Mennonite Church

Junior Choral Society Christmas Concert

Saturday, December 2

7pm @ St. Peter’s Catholic Church