Mrs. Thiel's First Grade

Tips for Practicing Sight Words

  Each week, you will find a list of sight words (high frequency words) on the front of my newsletter. These are words that students will frequently find in their reading and need to be able to read fluently and without hesitation. Some of the words will not be easy words to "sound out." Please do not practice these weekly words as spelling words. Below are some ideas to use when practicing these new words at home.

* Turn the words into flash cards and see how fast your child can shout them out.

* Use the new words in spoken sentences.

* Search for the words in books, magazines, cereal boxes, etc... at home.

* Spell the word slowly as your child writes down the letters - see how fast he/she can recognize and say the word.

* Have your child trace the letters of the word as he/she keeps repeating the word.

* Help your child think of ways to remember the word - such as the word's unusual shape, the beginning chunks/ending chunks, it's length, etc...

     *     Spread the words in front your child in random order. You say any word there, and your child locates the correct word.

Sight Words

August 26-30, 2019

We will be reviewing all of the

Kindergarten sight words.