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Here at Archbold we offer 18 competitive sports for both males and females throughout the school year.  Presently, Archbold is a member of the Northwest Ohio Athletic League (NWOAL)  and has won several league championships, along with sectional, district, regional, and state titles.  Our student-athletes have great pride in representing the Blue and Gold.

It shall be the purpose of Archbold High School Athletic Department to provide a well-planned and well-balanced program of interscholastic athletics for our students.  Competitive sports are an important part of the total education program for students in our school.  Student-Athletes develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, while participating in athletics.  The Athletic Department will offer athletic programs that will instill pride and reinforce a sound value structure that helps promote an individual’s self-image, as well as the image of the school district and the community.

If you would like more information regarding our Athletic Programs or have any questions, please feel free to contact me here at school by phone (419-445-2583) or email me at

Go Streaks!

Allan M. Gladieux

AHS Athletic Director



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As many of you know, the Governor's office and the Ohio Department of Health have released a new order regarding high school sports in Ohio. Some information for fans to understand include:

  The number of spectators allowed at        

                          contests will be extremely limited

  In some instances, the protocols at one    

                         school may differ from another based on

                         their capacities, physical setup, and

                         logistics (particularly non-NWOAL


  We have been told repeatedly that in order for these contests to be held at all, the protocols MUST be followed. Persons unable to follow the protocols are asked to not attend the events.

While the athletic events that will take place may seem to be business as usual and appear similar to past contests, the mandated protocols we need to follow are anything but "business as usual". If the guidance isn't followed, there will be significant spread of the virus and the seasons will be VERY short lived.

None of us want that to occur and we are excited to be able to provide our student-athletes with the opportunity to participate in one of the best experiences of their lives - high school sports. We need to set aside our own personal desires to support and provide for these athletes.

The NWOAL release as follows:


Event Tickets - All tickets will cost $6. In an attempt to limit attendance at NorthWest Ohio Athletic League events, each member school will abide by the following criteria. It is the intent of the league to promote social distancing by offering tickets to family members of our participants and keeping attendance at 15% or less capacity in our athletic facilities, per the Governor's Office and the ODH. Masks and social distancing are required at all events. 

  1. 1.Football - a maximum of 2 tickets will be offered to each football player, cheerleaders, trainers, and band member for home games and a maximum of 2 tickets will be offered to football players and cheerleaders at away football games. The presale of all tickets will cost $6. Tickets will be pre-sold for all games on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 3pm.  Tickets can only be purchased by the student/athlete in Mr. Gladieux's office.

  2. 2.Volleyball - a maximum of 2 tickets will be offered to each participant for away games and a maximum of 4 tickets will be offered for home contests. All tickets will cost $6.

  3. 3. B/G Soccer - a maximum of 2 tickets will be offered to each participant for away games and a maximum of 3 tickets will be offered for home contests.. All tickets will cost $6.  Tickets will be at the ticket booth for purchase based on rosters submitted by the coaches.

  4. 4.

 **NO PASSES will be allowed. That includes NWOAL or league passes, local district passes, senior passes, faculty passes, or reserved seats. 

**Masks and social distancing are required.

Marching Bands at Football Games - Bands will only be permitted to perform at home football games

Gate Times – Gates will open at 6:15pm for football games (45 min. before game time).  For B/G Soccer and Volleyball gates will open 30 min. before game time.

Food and Drink - Concession stands will be available at NWOAL events, per standards of the county health departments.



Final Forms is the online data management system that we use for K-12 to manage emergency medical forms, handbooks, and other activities that previously involved distribution, completion, and return of a form.

Registration for the 2020-2021 sports season is open now for athletes in 7th-12th grade and for the general student body on June 16, 2020. 

Please review your forms online and provide your signature at the bottom of each form to verify information is current. You can add new information or update information at any time during the year. 

For students in grades 7-12 that plan to play a sports, the parent and student registration needs to be completed as soon as possible in order to begin fall practices. 

To update forms for the 2020-2021 sport season,click link below:


*Register and follow directions*

New Student Final Forms Help Sheet

Final Forms login



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