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Welcome to the Archbold High School Athletic Department Web Site!

Here at Archbold we offer 18 competitive sports for both males and females throughout the school year.  Presently, Archbold is a member of the Northwest Ohio Athletic League (NWOAL)  and has won several league championships, along with sectional, district, regional, and state titles.  Our student-athletes have great pride in representing the Blue and Gold.

It shall be the purpose of Archbold High School Athletic Department to provide a well-planned and well-balanced program of interscholastic athletics for our students.  Competitive sports are an important part of the total education program for students in our school.  Student-Athletes develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, while participating in athletics.  The Athletic Department will offer athletic programs that will instill pride and reinforce a sound value structure that helps promote an individual’s self-image, as well as the image of the school district and the community.

If you would like more information regarding our Athletic Programs or have any questions, please feel free to contact me here at school by phone (419-445-2583) or email me at

Go Streaks!
Allan M. Gladieux
AHS Athletic Director


 The Archbold Athletic Department along with the Archbold Athletic Boosters recognized the following students on becoming Triple Threat Club members.  The following students are being recognized for their participation in three of more OHSAA sponsored sports during the 2017-2018 school year. Congratulations!

Zoe Castillo-FB Cheer, BBK Cheer, Track
Emma Dowdy-FB Cheer, Golf, BBK Cheer
Delaney Garrow-GSOC, CC, BBK, Track
Keira Gensler-VB, GBK, Track, SB
Josee Grime-VB, Golf, SB
Camryn Hudson-CC, GBK, Track
Lucia Rodriguez-VB, GBK, SB
Kylie Sauder-CC, GBK, SB, Track
Olivia Smith-VB, BBK Cheer, Track
Montana Stamm-CC, GSOC, Track

Lily Delgado-FB Cheer, BBK Cheer, SB
Jadyn Fenstermaker-FB Cheer, BBK Cheer, SB

Kennedy Miller-CC, GSOC, Track
Gabby Nafziger-VB, GBK, SB
Dakota Stamm-CC, GSOC, Track
Faith Wyse-GSOC, GBK, SB

Elizabeth Schmucker-CC, BBK Cheer, Track

Andrew Francis-CC, Wrest, Track
Kobe Kennedy-Golf, BBK, BB
Zeke Miller-FB, Wrest, BB
Joshua Nofzinger- Golf, Wrest, BB
Caleb Ranzau-FB, Wrest, Track
Brandon Taylor-FB, BBK, BB
Trey Theobald-BSOC, BBK, BB, Track
Kenny Williams-Golf, BBK, BB

Mason Babcock-FB, Wrest, Track
Noah Cheney-BSOC, BBK, BB
Matthew Gladieux-FB, BBK, Track
Ethan Hagans-BSOC, BBK, BB
Dawson Liechty-CC, Wrest, BB
Devin Witte-BSOC, CC, TEN, Track

Cory Erbskorn-CC, BBK, BB
Mitch Grosjean-Golf, BBK, BB
Clay Nafziger-FB, BBK, BB

Kaiden Bedsole-BSOC, FB, BBK

2018 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Sitting: Susan Pape White, Kacy Stevens Myers, Curt Spotts, Meredith Neff Luther, Jill Evans Holdgreve
Standing: John Downey, Ed Grme, Chad Martz, Donnie Young, Roel Galvan



Archbold High School

Allan Gladieux, AD

600 Lafayette St.

Archbold, OH 43502

419.445.BLUE (2583)

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