College Credit Plus

Program Eligibility: Students must meet ALL criteria in order to participate in CCP. Failure to meet any of the below criteria will disqualify a student from participation in CCP for the following academic school year. The deadlines and expectations outlined are non-negotiable and exceptions will not be made for students who fail to comply. Students who are disqualified from participation may re-qualify the following year.

1. Must be a full-time enrolled student in grades 7-12 of Archbold Area Schools. Full-time enrollment is met through participation in a minimum of 5 credits of coursework.

2. Must attend a MANDATORY meeting with a parent/guardian each year prior to the year of participation. This will consititute as the counseling session Archbold High School is required by law to provide.

3. Must apply to and be accepted by a participating institution of higher eduction (IHE).

4. Must submit a signed "CCP Intent to Participate" and "CCP Counseling Form" by April 1 of each year prior to the year of participation.

5. Must complete all enrollment requirements of the IHE and have a completed college schedule submitted to the high school by the following deadlines: May 15 for Summer Term / Last Day of Semester 2 for Fall Term / Last Day of Semester 1 for Spring Term)  

Participation in Courses: Qualified students are eligible to take any courses for which they meet the eligibility criteria for. Students may take courses from one or multiple IHE's. Students may earn a maximum of 30 college credits per academic year and will be limited in the amount of college approved based upon the amount of high school courses they are also enrolled in. Stuents may take courses through a variety of means including taking courses on the college campus, online or at the high school by an approved high school instructor.

Partnering Institutions of Higher Education: Archbold Area Schools maintains an active

partnership with Northwest State Community College. Students may also participate with

any public or participating private IHE in the State of Ohio. Other nearby IHE's include

Defiance College, Owens Community College, Bowling Green State University and

University of Toledo.

Awarding of Credit and Grades: Students may be awarded credit based on one of two options. Students will be awarded high school credit upon successful completion of the college coursework and will be awarded the letter grade assigned by the IHE. Grades and credit will be listed on the high school transcript and factored into the high school GPA and class rank.

     Option A; Student elects to receive college and/or high school credit and is financially responsible for the cost of college coursework.

     Option B: Student elects to receive both high school and college credit and school district will cover the cost of college coursework.

Costs: Students participating in Option B at a public IHE will have no personal costs associated with participation in college coursework. Students choosing to participate with a private IHE may be assessed a portion of the cost of college coursework. Students participating under Option A will be beld responsible for all financial costs associated with their participation.

Failures and Dropping of Courses: Students who fail or drop a CCP course beyond the allowed drop date will be held financially responsible for the full cost of the course. Failure or dropping late will negatively impact a student's high school academic standing and can potentially negatively impact their future college academic standing. Students will be prohibited from walking through graduation ceremonies and receiving their diploma until all costs due to the school have been paid in full. Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch cannot be held financially responsible for the cost of a failed or dropped course.

Probation and Dismissal: Students who demonstrate low achievement by earning a college GPA of less than 2.0 or by failing/late withdrawing from two or more courses in a given term will be placed on probation and will particpate in CCP with restrictions. Continued low achievement will result in dismissal from the CCP program. Any student on probation or dismissal will have an opportunity to reinstate their participation.

Transportation: Students are responsible for transporting themselves to and from any college courses taken off of school grounds.

Support Services: As a participant in CCP, students are considered to be a student of the IHE and thus have access to all support services available to the student. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services including academic tutoring, campus libraries, computer labs, career services, transfer coordinators, etc. Students taking college courses not offered by an AHS teacher are PROHIBITED from asking AHS staff for assistance with their college coursework and are required to utlize their professors and support services for assistance.

Scheduling: Students are responsible for working with their advisor assigned by the IHE to schedule their college courses. School counselors are able to provide limited assistance to students in choosing courses, but it is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure the courses they choose meet high school graduation requirements, college degree requirements and are transferable. Upon completion of the college schedule, AHS staff will work with students to align their high school schedule accordingly. There is no guarantee that schedules between the college and high school will coordinate. Schedules for Summer Term must be completed by May 15, Fall Term by the last day of semester 2 and Spring Term by the last day of semester 1.

Point of Contact: Questions regarding the CCP program should be directed to the school counselors, Shawn Grime (last names A-L) or Sharon Ziegler (last names M-Z).


College Credit Plus (CCP) provides full-time enrolled students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit before graduation. It is essential that students and parents/guardians educate themselves on the pros and cons of the program and understand the steps that must be taken to qualify and participate. This page outlines many of the policies and procedures related to CCP, but does not cover everything. Click on the image tothe right to visit the Ohio Department of Education website to learn more.

Annual CCP Meeting

November 5, 2018 @ 6:30PM / AHS Auditorium

November 6, 2018 @7:30AM / AHS Lecture Hall