2021 Research Writing Adventure

When you have your idea, type your proposal for approval on the research paper Google document, and attach it to the proposal and questions assignment in Classroom (See Classroom for further instructions).  Choose it early; I will only allow one person per topic choice.

Option A

As a student in an honors class, you need to become aware of the expectations that colleges and universities have of your skills when you step onto campus as a freshman.  As a way of helping shape the courses that I and my colleagues teach for your class and future AHS classes, research a subject related to colleges’ expectations, high schools’ successes and failures at college preparation, teaching and learning strategies that produce especially good ACT results, or anything somehow related to this area of study.

Option B

Consider an influential book that you have read within the past two years.  What literary classification does it fit into?  Dystopian?  Cyber punk?  Modernist?  Existentialist?  Realist?  Science fiction?  Research that fiction genre, analyze its features, and prove a unique and new point about that genre and the social and cultural conditions that contribute(d) to its popularity.

Option C

I will hear other suggested proposals for research that fall under the main categories of literature, composition, literacy, communication, English language, American literary history; however, given the limited time crunch for steps 1-3, you will need to submit a proposal almost minutes from the time that you first read this.