I will start out by saying, Nikes recent shoes fall short because Nike is making cheaper quality shoes. The best shoe they sold this year was the inflict, yet their most popular shoe sold this year was the Takedown series. It does not score very well in the looks or quality department, but is the cheapest shoe on the market and with the economy like this, it sells well. Nike’s best shoe line ever made was the Kolat series. These shoes were designed for the exact and specific needs of Olympic gold medalist Cary Kolat, and can be classified as Originals, Speeds, 2K4s, College 2k4s, or international. They top the charts on performance based on their light weight design and comfort, and are considered by many to be the best looking shoe ever made! There only flaw is potential loss of grip because of the unique sole design and this is especially known to happen with the 2K4 and international soles because of the model of sole used in those years (2002-2005). Now as I said earlier the takedown series is a very cheaply-made shoe, but it didn’t used to be. Nike’s Takedown 2 and 3 and also Olympic and Supreme series are all great shoe choices. The Takedown 2 looks pretty nice coming in an all black or yellow color way and having probably nikes best sole design ever. But are surpassed in looks by the takedown three which shares the sole design with the kolat series 2K4, so unfortunately falls short in mat life. The Olympic takedown is very rare coming in “blue, red, or black” it was only sold during the 2004 olympics and the only way to buy them was buy calling the nike company whom advertised the shoe during a TV commercial. They feature the inflict sole and rate very high in the looks quality as well and the mat life because of the well made inflict sole design. The inflict sole is probably the best sole design other than the takedown 2, that nike has ever had based on grip and especially mat life because of nike’s consistent failure to meet mat life highs. OG KOLATFOOTSWEEPKOLAT SPEEDBLue KOLAT