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“Hannah Montana” is known to have many guest stars. One of the most popular guest stars on the show was the Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers appeared on the episode “We Got the Party With Us.” In this episode Miley’s father Robbie Ray decides to write a song for the Jonas Brothers. Miley feels as if her father likes writing songs for the Jonas Brothers more than writing songs for Hannah Montana. Robbie Ray even camp up with a nickname for the Jonas Brothers, calling them the Jo Bros. One other famous guest star on the show is Dolly Parton. Dolly plays as Miley’s famous Aunt Dolly. With Miley having no mother in her life on the show, her Aunt Dolly is a great influence on her and helps her with her music life as well. Click here to see more information about Dolly Parton! To see more information about the Jonas Brothers click here!
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