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MoJo Jojo

The girl’s Arch-Enemy is Mojo Jojo, an evil monkey who wants nothing more than to take over the world and Townsville. Mojo Jojo wasn’t always bad; matter of fact, he use to work with the professor. He was his lab partner before the girls were created. It was Mojo who added chemical X to the mix for the girls and not the professor Mojo slipped it in when he wasn’t looking. The reason for his huge brain was caused after the explosion from the girls being made. He wears a purple cape white gloves and boots purple tights and a blue top and don’t forget about the helmet over his huge brain. Although he is very smart he seems to always have problems finding ways to defeat the girls; he seems to never get it right. But he is a master of manipulation and trickery his always tricking the girls by telling them how he has changed his ways despite all the times they have encountered him.

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