Text to Speech - Mac

Text to speech is a built-in feature of the Apple computer. You can highlight any text and have the computer read the text to you. To verify your settings, click on the Apple Menu and select “System Preferences”. In the fourth row is an icon labeled “Speech”. Click the “Speech” icon. Along the top click “Text to Speech”. I set my text to speech to activate from a keystroke command. I chose “Command-Option-T” You can choose any keystroke combinations that is not already used. (Hint: The option key used with another key is not as widely used as the control key or the command key.)

Once you have verified your settings, select a section of text and press the keystroke combination to have the computer speak the text.

*Pressing the keystroke command while the computer is reading the text will stop the reading.


Resource - Educreations

One of sessions that I attended at the e-Tech Conference focused on some free websites and apps that might be helpful to you. One that I found particularly interesting was Educreations (http://www.educreations.com). This is described as a whiteboard app that allows you to record a lesson and either show it in class or post it on your Moodle page. With Flipped classrooms being the new buzzword, Educreations would allow you to post a lesson, have the students view it before the next class session, and then you would have time to practice the skill or remediate a step that a student was missing. - Kelly Ducey, Middle School Computer Application Teacher

Gladieux Presents at Ohio eTech

Dina Gladieux, high school math teacher, presented at the 2013 Ohio eTech Technology Conference.  Her topic was titled "iPads in the Math Classroom".  Dina has been recording her math lessons and publishing the recorded lessons on her web page for four (4) years.  Along with having her lessons on her classroom web page, Dina has homework assignments, classroom information and additional resources.

Dina's topic "iPads in the Math Classroom" will highlight how Dina used electronic worksheets, additional iPad programs and the videos accessible anywhere, anytime in her classroom.

Dina has presented at the SMART Tech Technology Conference in 2009 and 2010 on the topic of how to use the SMART board in a math classroom.