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        Athletic Department Forms/OHSAA Parent Video

**All Athletic forms need to be on file in the Athletic Department prior to a student-athlete participating in a sport*

2017-2018 High School Sports Physical Instructions/Information

PrivIT Physical Form Website

*Register and follow directions*


** Click links below for Lindsay’s Law Information and required parent sign off form**

Lindsay Law Instructions/Video for Parents/Students

Lindsay Law Letter and sign off form


** Click link below for OHSAA Parent Pre-Season Information**

2017-2018 OHSAA Parent Pre-Season Information

2017-2018 OHSAA Eligibility Guide

7th-8th Grade OHSAA Guide

9th-12th Grade OHSAA Guide


** Click link below for new Archbold Area School District Parental/Spectator Guidelines**

Archbold Parental/Spectator Guidelines


** If parent(s) need to purchase insurance, click the form below**

2017-2018 Optional Insurance Packet

2017-2018 Insurance Claim form


** Click link below for NCAA/NAIA College-Bound Student-Athlete information*

New NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements for High School Students and their Parents

In an effort to assist your students who may wish to enroll in an NCAA Division I or II institution in navigating the new initial eligibility requirements, the OHSAA is pleased to provide you these resources.  These resources have been made available from the NCAA in order to reach out to you and your coaches so that students and parents have the information they need regarding these new standards.

NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements for High School Students and their Parents

NCAA Initial Eligibility Resource Index

NCAA Eligibility Center

Division I Requirements

NAIA Student-Athlete Registration

NAIA Guide For College Bound Student-Athletes

NAIA Student Registration Checklist

NAIA Information for Entering Freshman

NAIA PLAYING NAIA: Recruiting: (Video)


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