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Who is he?

Peeta Mellark is a 16 year old boy from District 12, Katiniss’s co-tribute. Peeta grew up as the baker's son and despite what everyone would think, didn't have a very good childhood or life in general. Although his father was a kind man, it is hinted in the book that Peeta's mother would beat on Peeta and his two brothers. The love and devotion in the family was very slim, even Peeta's own mother didn't believe that Peeta would have a chance at surviving the Hunger Games when his names was called.

peeta picture 1
Original book art of Peeta Mellark

How did he get involved?

When the Reaping came to town and Peeta was made to stand in the sectioned off area with the boys from his district, his name was the one that was called for the male tribute. No one volunteered to take his place, even though he had two older brothers. During the goodbyes, Katniss takes note that it seems as if Peeta's mother and even father have accepted the fact that he isn't going to survive the Games. From there Peeta is taken with Katniss to the Capitol with all the other tributes from the other districts and paraded around, interviewed, and prettied up for the Games as well. In his interview, Peeta reveals to everyone that he loves Katniss, and that becomes the strategy of their survival in the arena, for as long as they can play it off before having to kill one another. Peeta's strength, much like Katniss's bow and arrows, is his greatest advantage in the Games, along with his amazing ability for camouflage.

peeta picture 2
Fan Art by Keam

A Twist?!

The twist of it all is that ever since Peeta was about five years old he has had a crush on Katniss, even though to Katniss he was always referred to as "the boy with the bread". When Katniss's father first died, Katniss didn't know really what to do to feed her family and was looking around trash cans in the area for scraps of food. She was in Peeta's trash can when Peeta's mother saw her and came out yelling, saying how she hated the kids from the seam snooping around her trash. Peeta was present when his mother yelled and chased off Katniss. When Katniss was gone, or rather behind a tree in his backyard, Peeta 'accidentally' burned the bread he was working on. After being hit in the face and scolded by his mother for being so careless he was ordered to feed the bread to the pigs out back. Peeta ran outside and picked off the burnt peices of the bread and threw them to the pigs, then tossed the two loaves to Katniss, all without looking at her. Since that day, Katniss always referred to Peeta as "the boy with the bread".

Does Peeta Mellark survive the Games? Or is his fate death?
Read The Hunger Games and find out!

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Fan Art by Unknown Artist